Predictive Management Five Points

The chances of a new business surviving more than five years is about 50%, according to the SBA. Most businesses have developed a business plan, showing what they “hope” to accomplish. Rarely do they measure actual performance against the plan.

We can walk you through the entire process.  From Budgeting to Variance Analysis to Cash Flow Management. All key processes to running a PROFITABLE business. Isn’t it time for you to manage your business instead of it managing you? You may be making money now, but our system will nearly always improve your profits!

Do you often wish you knew the impact of a decision BEFORE you made it?   Concerned about the decision's impact on your finances in the future?   Are you constantly riding a feast or famine cycle? Cash flow is one of the key causes of small business failures.

Predictive Management is about the ability see how your decisions will impact the financial health of your business, without actually making that big commitment that may keep you and your cash tied up for years.

You cannot manage cash flow from your checkbook balance.  You have to get out in front of it.  You have to anticipate future expenses before they happen.  Predictive Management is about controlling your business instead of the business controlling you.

Predictive Management will help you plan.  You will be able to predict potential cash shortages ahead of time.  This gives you time to react before it happens.  Many times you can avoid the cash crunch by moving things around.  At the very least, it lets you plan ahead and communicate with vendors if cash will be short.  This is better than the Wednesday afternoon panic when there is not enough cash for Friday's payroll.

Tennessee Business Services can help you develop a Predictive Management system.  Eliminate one of your biggest headaches.  Give us a call today.

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